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Why You Should Shop
At Starrlight Candle Company

1. SUPPORT LOCAL ECONOMY: Buying from a small, home-based business supports the local economy and is good for everyone. Your money is going directly back into your local community, not supporting big business.

2. HIGH QUALITY: I use the highest quality ingredients to create the best possible products without using excessive marketing or packaging. Unlike other brands which charge a lot of money to help pay for their advertising and packaging costs, I spend all of my money and time to make the best product possible. People think nothing of spending $20 on a Yankee Candle, but for $10, you can get a much better quality candle from Starrlight Candle Company. They burn cleaner, have less chemicals, and cause less pollution.

3. GOOD FOR ENVIRONMENT: Our jars are recyclable. You can use them for any number of purposes or return them for $1.00 off your next order. Our soy wax is sourced from farmers, not petroleum companies like paraffin wax is. Hemp wicks also are grown by farmers. Our products are better for your health and the environment.

4. UNIQUE: Starrlight Candle Company makes some of the most unique products you can find. There is a large selection of very diverse and one-of-a-kind fragrances and colours. From beer to dill pickle to leather jacket to lilac and everything inbetween. You can find the perfect gift for just about anyone, including yourself.

5. PASSION! I am passionate about the candles, soaps, and melts that I create. I started making them for myself because I wasn't pleased with what was available. I love what I do and what I create and I stand behind my products. Shop with confidence knowing that these products are created out of a strong desire to make the world a better place. I love them and I hope that you will too.